DC Super Hero Girls Action Supergirl Doll

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DC Super Hero Girls Action Supergirl Doll

It’s four times the power and four times the fun when these four DC Super Hero Girls action dolls together in one pack team up to save the day! The DC Super Hero Girls action dolls are training to be action-ready. Unleash your power and train your inner hero along with these 12-inch dolls inspired by the heroic students of Super Hero High. The four Super Hero character figures each wears her action-ready training outfit with iconic logos and signature colors. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Bumblebee action dolls are ready for Super Hero classes wearing iconic outfits and accessories. Supergirl action doll has her red cape and blue headband. Wonder Woman action doll wears her blue cape and starred golden tiara. Batgirl action doll has a black cape and bat-shaped ear headpiece. And Bumblebee action doll makes a buzz with removable bumblebee wings. Find your own unique abilities and discover your true potential along with these four Super Hero teens. It’s an instant collection when these four friends team up together for save-the-day action and the storytelling fun! Includes Supergirl action doll, Wonder Woman action doll, Batgirl action doll and Bumblebee action doll, each wearing fashion and accessory. Colors and decorations may vary.

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