Egoelife Bugatti Figure Transbianxings Robot Cars Toys Deformation Robot Cars

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Egoelife Bugatti Figure  Transbianxings Robot Cars Toys Deformation Robot Cars

Egoelife Remote Control Deformation Simulation Toy Car Transformers Robot Car

1. Material: Plastic and metal; Distance control: 49ft-66ft; Charging time: 30 minutes.
2. The reality engine and accelerated sound, forward, backward, left and right sides drifting 360 rpm.
3. High quality rubber tires, solid grip, wear resistance and compression resistance; The chassis is solid which makes a more flexible deformation.
4. The car is equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium, it needs to be charged fully before use; Remote control requires 2 AA batteries (Batteries not included).
5. Easy to operate: press down, then immediately release, completely transform, press deformation button for 3-5 seconds.

Package Including:
1 x Remote Control Car; 1 x Remote Control Handle(without battery); 1 x Charge Cable; 1 x Charge Battery pack.

Operating Instructions:
1. Please make sure the battery is fully charged before use.
2. Please understand the sound of the remote control, because it is a remote control car, the sound is to imitate the engine sound of the real car when acceleration and deceleration.
And the function of automatic demonstration, it is with music when it is demonstrating the process of deformation so as to avoid to be boring.
3. In the process of Transformation, you can stop at any time but if you want it to transform completely, you need to press the deformation button for 3-5 seconds.

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