Halo 3 Emblem Badge Nameplate Decal

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Halo 3 Emblem Badge Nameplate Decal

Halo 3 emblem is Approx. Width 3.15″ inches x Height 1.42″ inches [80 mm x 36 mm]. The emblem is made of high-quality, aircraft aluminum and hard-anodized finish for a long-lasting result. It comes with self-adhesive 3M tape for easy, simple installation. It can be installed in ANY smooth surface inside or outside any vehicle. Imported from Japan. You can install this emblem on the trunk, fenders, interior console, etc. *Note: Some emblems also look great on cell phones, laptops and computers. **Note: Surface must be clean and dry prior to adhering. ***NOTE: Please Note that these are NOT the cheap Vinyl and Decal Emblems sold all by most on the Internet. The Emblem is made of high quality ALUMINUM and is noticeably different.

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