Halo 3 Series 1 – Spartan Soldier Mark VI Armor (Red)

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Halo 3 Series 1 – Spartan Soldier Mark VI Armor (Red)

From the Manufacturer
Halo follows the events of an inter-galactic war between the last surviving members of the human race and an advanced collection of alien races known as The Covenant. The first title in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved, was the flagship title for Microsoft’s Xbox video game console when it was released in 2001. The game achieved both critical acclaim and financial success, selling more than 6 million copies worldwide. The Spartans are highly trained warriors. Although individually less powerful than the Master Chief, an army of Spartans is a lethal force. Unique to HALO 3 are the alternate armor and helmet styles worn by these soldiers.
Product Description
Much like the Master Chief figure, all of the Spartan figures will be 5 inches tall, with more than 18 points of articulation. Each figure will come with an assault rifle and grenade accessories, which can be hand-held or stored on the figure’s back.

Product Features

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