Hasbro Transformers Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime Action Figure

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Hasbro Transformers Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime Action Figure

The poseable, non-transforming Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime towers above virtually any of his Autobot forces or Decepticon adversaries. The Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime arsenal of gimmicks includes the following: battle sounds, music, light-up chest and eyes, launching fist and robot punch action—and of course Cyber Stompinâ action featuring electronic crashing and crushing sounds. Originally, Optimus Prime ruled Cybertron alongside Megatron, although after Megatron revealed his mechanical scheme to yoke the power of the Allspark for himself, Optimus rallied a group of Cybertronian noncombatants into an unfortunately ineffective militia. As a contingency plan, Prime jettisoned the Allspark into space, and at a later point in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict, Prime gathered his troops with the intention of locating and reclaiming the Allspark.With the Hasbro Transformers Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime Action Figure, kids can take control of the fearless leader of the Autobots and rescue Earth from the ruthless Decepticons. Based on the character Optimus Prime from the 2007 summer blockbuster hit movie, “Transformers,” this action figure has battle sounds and features galore. Recommended for ages 4 and up, Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime will let kids relive all of the movie’s best scenes.

Fearsome Sound Effects
Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime totally immerses your child in the action by recreating sounds straight from the movie. His main feature is his fearsome stomping action — every step he takes produces electronic crashing sounds. The sounds are so convincing that kids will think they’re standing right next to a massive Transformer as he crushes everything in sight. He also makes a number of other sounds, which can be triggered at the touch of a button. Battle sounds and speech clips recorded straight from the movie make it all the easier to imitate favorite scenes.

Sleek Design
Perfect for kids and collectors alike, Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime features a sleek, movie-accurate design. Unlike other Transformer figures, this figure does not convert into vehicle mode, but instead stays in its powerful robot mode. With launching robot fists and punching action, he can make quick work of any Decepticon. His many points of articulation make it possible for kids to adjust him into any pose they like. In addition, Optimus Prime’s eyes and chest light up for a cool mechanical glowing effect.

About Transformers
The Transformers began as a Hasbro toy line back in 1983, featuring toy vehicles that could transform into robots. The toys soon inspired an entire universe of fictional story lines, pitting the two factions of Transformers — the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons — against one another. A live-action movie based on the Transformers was released in 2007 and has continued the toy line’s extreme popularity. With action figures such as Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime, kids can bring home the struggle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

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