Jada Toys Halo Banshee with Figures

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Jada Toys Halo Banshee with Figures

From the 4th installment of the popular ‘Halo’ video game series comes this series of highly detailed diecast metal vehicles as seen in the game.

The Banshee vehicle measures approx. 18 cm L x 18 cm W x 9 cm H and features an opening cockpit.

Included are two action figures in scale with the vehicle:

1x Elite Zealot (approx. 6 cm tall, 10 points of articulation)
1x Imperial Grunt with Fuel Rod Cannon (approx. 4.5 cm tall, 6 points of articulation)

All vehicles and figures from series 1 (except for the Collector’s Edition Warthog) are in the same scale and can be combined to reenact battle scenes from the video game.

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