McFarlane Toys Titanfall 2 Blisk 7 Collectible Action Figure

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McFarlane Toys Titanfall 2 Blisk 7 Collectible Action Figure

In the 2014 smash-hit Titan fall, players wage war against their rival factions as both agile pilots and armored 20-foot Mechs known as Titans. Titan fall 2 is among the most hotly-anticipated video game sequels in history, featuring revolutionary multiplayer that offers brand new Titans, expanded pilot abilities and deeper customization to elevate the fast paced and exciting game play fans expect from the series. BLINK is a former special-operations commander for the IMC currently in charge of the deadly mercenary faction: the Apex predators. Hired by the IMC, blink is contracted to provide customized security services and to eliminate any and all remaining Militia forces after their failed assault on an imc-controlled Planet. Although Blisk loves to kill and destroy, frequently showing zero compunction or empathy, there is one thing he does care about: getting paid.

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