Star Wars: Episode 2 Yoda (Jedi High Council) Action Figure

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Star Wars: Episode 2 Yoda (Jedi High Council) Action Figure

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Yoda Jedi High CouncilIf you’re a toy maker, it’s easy to screw up Yoda. Many have done exactly that since the Jedi master’s debut in 1980s Empire Strikes Back. He’s been made too cute, too muscular, and often too active. Yoda’s power is supposed to be rooted in his mental agility and the quiet spiritual strength he possesses. This smallish (even by Yoda standards) figure is an example of how to get it right. He is articulated at the shoulders, waist, and neck, which affords as much posing as he will ever really need. Beyond that, he’s richly detailed with special care given to wrinkles, coloring, and wardrobe. Yoda is seated in his council chair and his robe appears to billow in the wind. When his green light saber is placed in his hand, it sticks thanks to a cleverly positioned magnet. This Yoda makes the perfect addition to a desk or bookshelf. –Charlie Williams

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