Transformers Age of Extinction Construct-Bots Dinobots Strafe Buildable Action Figure

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Transformers Age of Extinction Construct-Bots Dinobots Strafe Buildable Action Figure

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Construct-Bots Dinobots Strafe

Build your bot! Transformers Construct-Bots figures let you create powerful Transformers robots with pieces that you assemble. Build your favorite characters, change them into their alternate mode, and create custom bots from your imagination. You can even add parts from other Construct-Bots sets (sold separately) to create your own unique bots! To ensure you get real Transformers action, Construct-Bots Dinobots figures can change between modes without being taken apart. This buildable Strafe figure features flapping Pteranodon wings!

Build Your Own Strafe Figure
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Build, Change, and Customize

Transformers Construct-Bots sets let you create your favorite Transformers robots and customize them. This 27-piece set lets you build a customizable Strafe figure. Once you’ve built your figure, convert from robot to Pteranodon mode and back without taking it apart! Mix and match parts to customize your creation and construct the most powerful Transformers robots you can imagine. Construct-Bots Dinobots figures work with Construct-Bots Dinobot Riders figures (each sold separately) so your favorite Autobots and Dinobots can ride into battle together.

Change Between Robot and Pteranodon Modes Without Taking the Figure Apart
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Switches from Robot to Dino – No Rebuild Required

When you create a Transformers Construct-Bots figure, you get real Transformers action. Each Construct-Bots figure features an alternate mode and can convert from robot to vehicle or Dinobot mode and back without being taken apart. The figures are articulated for poseability and action play and have multiple ports you can use to attach weapons. This buildable Dinobot Strafe figure features flapping wings so you can imagine he’s swooping through the skies and then changes from robot to Pteranodon in 10 steps.

Strafe Has Flapping Wings So You Can Imagine He’s Soaring Through the Air
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Combine with Dinobot Riders Figures for a Powerful Team-Up

Your Construct-Bots creation starts with the robot frame. (One is included with this set. ) Add armor, weapons and other parts to the frames to create a customizable Strafe figure. Combine it with the Bumblebee Dinobot Riders figure (sold separately) for an ultra-powerful team up and ride into battle together.

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Includes buildable Strafe action figure and instructions.

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1. Build your bot 2. Build in robot mode, then change to 3. Pteranodon and back without taking the figure apart 4. Flapping wings 5. Combine with Dinobot Riders figures (sold separately) and ride into battle together Changes in 10 steps

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